Cross-Border Data Forum Bannner


Kenneth Propp

Karine Bannelier and Anaïs Trotry discuss the definitions of "data" as evidenced in international legal instruments to date. [...]
The globalization of criminal evidence has increased the need to develop data access and request mechanisms such as the OECD process on Government Access to Data Held in the Private Sector. The development of such mechanisms could benefit from a per-jurisdiction analysis of variations in expectations for government vs. private sector responsibilities when it comes to the management and scrutiny of such data requests. [...]
Over the past year, the European Union’s ambitious digital regulatory agenda has steadily advanced, impacting transatlantic economic relations and even stimulating legislative initiatives on privacy and antitrust in the United States. However, collaborative approaches between Washington and Brussels present an opportunity to potentially resolve looming transatlantic disputes over the EU’s proposed cybersecurity certification measure. [...]