Cross-Border Data Forum Bannner


The Cross-Border Data Forum (CBDF) is a 501(c)(4) non-profit group that addresses international data transfer policy issues.

The Cross-Border Data Forum (CBDF) seeks to promote and achieve four key goals:

Fulfill legitimate law enforcement requests for data relevant to the investigation of serious crimes;

Protect and promote privacy and human rights as essential to new legal approaches;

Provide a workable regime for the companies holding data of interest to law enforcement;

Safeguard the Internet by resisting calls to localize data and splinter the Internet.

The CBDF pursues these goals through the publication of scholarship and promotion of discussion around the creation, implementation, and reform of data transfer mechanisms including, but not limited to, the U.S. CLOUD Act, Standard Contractual Clauses, Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties, e-Evidence in the EU, and reforms following legal rulings concerning the U.S.-E.U. Privacy Shield.

The mission of the CBDF is to provide a forum for well-researched and well-written discussion of cross-border data issues. Any statements made in a post on the Forum’s blog are attributable only to the authors. Publication on the blog does not represent agreement with those statements by the Cross-Border Data Forum or by any participating individuals or organizations.