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The world’s first cybercrime treaty is undergoing an update.  When the Budapest Convention was drafted approximately 20 years ago, the treaty focused on harmonizing laws and increasing cooperation across borders so that a range of cybercrime, such as a denial of service attack or the release of a computer virus, could be prosecuted in the multiple countries affected.  It was written before the exponential growth in Internet usage, the development of cloud computing, and the digitalization of just about every [...]
The U.S. and Australia are currently negotiating an executive agreement under the U.S. CLOUD Act. The pending Australian ‘Telecommunications Legislation Amendment (International Production Orders) Bill 2020’ (the ‘Bill’) is designed – amongst other things – to bring Australian law in line with the U.S. CLOUD Act’s requirements and to provide a legal basis for an executive agreement to enter into effect. Such an executive agreement is anticipated to be similar to the one which has already been agreed between the [...]
The 2019 international agreement between the United Kingdom and the United States[1] on access to electronic evidence has attracted wide attention as a new tool of international assistance in criminal matters.[2]  Historically, countries have conducted such cooperation pursuant to mutual legal assistance treaties (MLATs). The UK-US CLOUD Agreement, however, is the first international instrument putting in place a new mechanism providing that law enforcement authorities can request e-evidence directly from a cloud service provider, without going through MLAT procedures. [...]