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IAPP – Announcing the new Cross-Border Data Forum

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In the IAPP article Announcing the new Cross-Border Data Forum, Professors Christakis, Daskal, and Swire introduce the Cross-Border Data Forum. The article explains the aims and role of the CBDF, including its four announced goals:

  • Fulfill legitimate law enforcement requests for data relevant to the investigation of serious crimes.
  • Protect and promote privacy and human rights as essential to new legal approaches.
  • Provide a workable regime for the companies holding data of interest to law enforcement.
  • Safeguard the internet by resisting calls to localize data and splinter the internet.

The article introduces Professor Christakis, Daskal, and Swire as the initial academic fellows for the CBDF, and provides a list of topics and areas the CBDF and its fellows have and will address. The article also notes that as part of those efforts, the CBDF encourages contributions of publishable material from a wide array of perspectives and on different national and international developments.

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