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Kenneth Propp

Over the past year, the European Union’s ambitious digital regulatory agenda has steadily advanced, impacting transatlantic economic relations and even stimulating legislative initiatives on privacy and antitrust in the United States. However, collaborative approaches between Washington and Brussels present an opportunity to potentially resolve looming transatlantic disputes over the EU’s proposed cybersecurity certification measure. [...]
Four years have passed since the United States and the European Union set out to design an improved mechanism for transatlantic e-evidence transfers, but minimal progress has been made.  While the United States enacted the Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data Act (CLOUD Act), a parallel EU effort to pass a uniform E-Evidence Regulation remains stalled due to disagreements primarily over individual privacy rights.  In the absence of EU legislation, transatlantic negotiations have stalled. [...]
This piece was originally published by about:intel and is reprinted here with the permission of same. Two years after the European Commission released an omnibus Data Strategy, it has proposed the Data Act, the last major component of its legislative plans to reshape Europe’s digital economy. The Data Act is intended to stimulate the re-use of data generated by the burgeoning number of connected or ‘smart’ products and services that transmit information back to manufacturers and service providers. The Act would [...]